Tuesday, August 23

Adoption Adoption Adoption

It seems like all I think about lately is ADOPTION! Jeremy and I finally settled on a website! Even though its still under construction, most of the information is up there for all to see. 


I'm very pleased with it, and I really want to figure out how to direct traffic to it. There are so many people who have shown such an interest and willingness to help in any way possible that I have been overwhelmed!  As I've stated before, I'm not the most technology savvy person, but this is very important for me, so I'm trying to learn. 

My mother, who is very well known back home in Georgia for her cakes, and my sister Taylor came up with their own fundraising idea! They picked out 6 yummy cake recipes and started selling them for $25 each. Their goal was to sell 100 cakes, and be able to raise $1000 for our adoption. ($5 per cake goes to ingredients) I'm so HAPPY to say that they have already mailed me a check for $500 and have a total of 70 cakes ordered! That was just in a month!! God has been so good. I can't tell you how many people from my families' lives and our past that have come forward to help us out. One lady my mom mentioned was our old neighbor. I grew up in the same house for over 21 years, and she was our neighbor for most of that. She had recently found my mom on Facebook, and when she found out about the cake sale, she ordered three!! Once again, and I can't say it enough, God is so good!!

A friend on facebook was hosting a Thirty-One Gifts party to raise money for her adoption, but I didn't know any Thirty-One consultants here in PC. Several of my friends went through a phase (and still are I suppose) of hosting Premier Jewelry Parties. The same consultant did several of the ones I went to. She also attended church with another friend of mine, so I called her up and asked her if  she wouldn't mind donating part of my Jewelry Party proceeds to our adoption. She was so thrilled that I asked her! I have had two parties so far and have raised $400! 

Jeremy and I have planned a Spaghetti Lunch one Sunday after church, and a Yard sale in late September. I have to be honest and say that I often get discouraged and overwhelmed, but I know that just the devil. I have really had to focus this past month on not letting him get to me. He doesn't want us to give God the glory for all the amazing things He's done so far and all the amazing things He will do! So please, follow via our website all the exciting things going on, and most importantly, please continue to pray for us. 

Tuesday, August 9


So, I haven't posted recently mainly because my husband and I were working on a wordpress blog for our adoption journey, well mainly the fundraising aspect of it. However, it hasn't been going so great. I don't have much blog knowledge as you can see from this one, and wordpress seems to be more complicated than most blog websites. Then, on top of that, my husband makes everything even MORE complicated. He really can't help it- he knows the ins and outs of websites and photoshop- but he also doesn't explain things in such a way that I can understand. I wanted my website up and running weeks ago, and now I feel like I need to start over.

I have been very blessed to find a Premier Designs Jewelry consultant who has graciously offered 50% of her profits from any Premier Designs Jewelry party that either I hosted or someone hosted for me. I raised $150 from my show, and my mother in law (who so kindly hosted a show) will probably raise about as much.

My mother, who is well known for her baking skills back home in GA, and my sister Taylor have agreed to help us raise money by baking cakes and donating most of the proceeds. Their goal was to raise $1000, and they've already raised $500 in just three weeks!!

Then, my very loving grandparents gave us $500. I have been so blessed  growing up to have them as an example. They have never been rich, but my papa is very smart with money. I hope one day to be able to bless my granddaughter like they did me.

So I'm trying to focus on the positive and the MANY blessings, but right now all I want is a decent website. I'm so selfish.

Wednesday, August 3

Fall 2011 Fashion Trend


I'm sorry, but I love pleats. Of course, they have evolved from when I wore them in high school. 

The knee length skirts really weren't flattering on anyone. And no one really actually wears the Brittn*y Spears school girl look in public.

SO- I'm really looking forward to finding several items for my fall wardrobe that include pleats!

Tuesday, August 2

Time with God

Today is the day to turn over a new leaf. 
I vow to make time to spend with God.
I desire to draw near to Him,
because I need Him to draw near to me.
I vow to delve into His word,
in hopes of learning more about Him.

Today is a new day.