Wednesday, January 26


I didn't do so well on my 'diet' Sunday and Monday, but yesterday I made up for it. I ate two detox meals and did another great workout. I am really excited about becoming self motivated and exercising in my own home. I've never been able to make myself do that and therefore had to pay for a gym membership. This way, its so much more convenient (and cheap).
I've also been really surprised that these meals I've been eating have been filling me up for as long as they have been. Due to my high metabolism, I've always had problems staying full. Even though the smoothies Jeremy's been making me are made out of yogurt instead of silken Tofu, I usually stay full until right before lunch. Then, last night I ate a spinach, almond, and boiled egg salad and I was barely hungry when I went to bed hours later.
This morning I measured my hips, waist, and chest. I'm going to measure myself each morning for a week to make sure I have the correct measurements and then I'll do some research on what kind of a goal I need to set. It would be so much easier if I could use weight, but I'd actually like to gain some weight- but the correct way.

Monday morning when I got to work I had an email from our adoption social worker asking about scheduling the first meeting of our home study. I was so excited b/c I had just spent time in prayer that morning about not hearing anything from our agency. Also, Monday evening Jeremy and I went to Domestic Infant Adoption 'training'. It was very informative! I'm not sure if I'm getting more excited or more anxious. In the meeting we discussed fears, and I realized how fearful I am of an expectant mother changing her mind. I'm going to have to spend many hours in prayer, building my faith in God's plan. It just keeps getting more real. Most days I can't wait to be a mom and some days I am really content with my life the way it is. I just rely on all my friends who have kids that tell me its all worth it.

Sunday, January 23

Cinch! and an adoption update

I'm on day two of my new CInch! motivation diet, and so far, I've eaten a spinach salad and an almond granola parfait (among all my regular food of course). I bought all the groceries for the 'detox' and I'll be having a berry smoothie in the morning (thanks to Jeremy who is getting up to fix it for me) after my yoga workout. I think I'm doing pretty good so far!!

Jeremy and I bought a fire proof safe to put his handguns in. I moved our wine rack up off of the floor, and I'm working on plans to lock up our medications. We're just getting everything in order for the home study. I don't know why they haven't called to schedule it yet. Tomorrow we are driving over to Pensacola for our last required adoption metting/training. Its three hours long so we're not going to get back home until late. I REALLY need to start working on my letter to our future birthmom, but all I can do is pray about it. Its so overwhelming! How in the world is she going to pick us from all the other wonderful forever families? Anyway, that's my goal for the next two weeks- write the letter.

Saturday, January 22


My friend Bethany and I started a Fit for Christ class on Wednesday nights at her church. I really wanted to get involved in something that would help me become motivated to workout again. Ever since I started taking my Zoloft, I'm worried that I'll gain weight around my stomach area. (I read online that this was a possible side affect.) Now, all my jeans are getting tighter and I have a 'muffin top'. I am so embarrassed about this and really hope to fix it. I would love to gain weight, but it needs to be the correct way- by eating healthy and exercising. 

So, I went Wednesday night with Bethany. The class suggested The GI Diet as the book to use, but Bethany wasn't crazy about it. Since I'm doing this more for motivation, I told her to pick out a different one and we would adapt it to fit us. She researched and chose Cinch! by Cynthia Sass who is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. I'm also going to be incorporating Skinny Bitch! by Rory and Kim.

I'm not really sure yet what my 'goal' is. I don't have a goal weight, so I'm thinking maybe inches on my waist in relation to my chest and hips. I'll work on getting a base line and then try to figure out what would be a healthy goal. For now, I have no idea.

Starting Thursday, I started writing down everything I ate and marking off how many glasses of water I drank a day. I always thought I did pretty good at that, but I was only drinking half of what I needed to be. Whew! I feel like I'm floating! I also did a short workout on the Wii Fit Thursday night. After going regularly to an aerobics class at a gym, the Wii Fit is a joke, but it was better than nothing. This morning I was able to find a great workout video online. It was only 20 minutes of yoga focusing on my thighs and hips. There were several other options, so I'm very excited about discovering this.

CINCH! starts off with a five day detox, eating only five foods- spinach, eggs, yogurt, raspberries, and almonds. I've always wanted to try a detox, but I know that there's no way I'd last a day eating only those foods. Plus, since I'm doing this more to be healthier than to lose weight, I figured I could just incorporate alot of these foods into my diet over the next five days and see what happens.
This morning I attempted to make a smoothie out of yogurt, honey, and fresh squeezed pomegranate juice. I didn't have any fruit- fresh or frozen- so I used what I had. It wasn't bad, but it needed the fruit. I'm going to the grocery store today, so that will help.

Thursday, January 20

As of Late

I have no idea if I'm doing this right, but several of the blogs are doing this: As of Late???

LATELY.... I've been dealing with a totaled car (see previous posts), insurance, and buying a new vehicle (2004 Nissan Xterra).

LATELY... I've been feeling guilty b/c I haven't been doing my devotions and exercising routinely.

LATELY... I've been celebrating birthdays- Mine Jan 4th, Mom's Jan 11th, & Dad's Jan 18th.

LATELY... Sad things have happened to some friends (house burned down and they lost everything) and my mom (house was robbed and she lost all her jewelry).

LATELY... I've been buying new artwork for our bedroom. (Kirklands had great sales!)

Tuesday, January 4

2011 New Years Resolution

I've been pondering what I would like for my New Years Resolution. I've made one the past several years and have become quite serious at keeping them. This year, nothing really stood out in my mind other than the obvious (go to gym, do daily time with God, etc). Then, this morning as I'm laying in bed, I kept getting facebook notifications of people telling me Happy Birthday. This was never a big deal for me when I lived at home because my family, especially my mom, made such a big deal about my special day. However, now that I live 5 hours away, these notifications help fill that void. 
So, as I was laying there, thanking God for all my wonderful friends, I decided my New Years resolution would be to mail out cards and call my family and close friends on their birthday. This is a big step for me because 1- I'm horrible at remembering and 2- even though everyone else in my family does this already, I usually don't even call my grandmother on her birthday. (horrible I know) So, as soon as things slow down (catching up from the holiday, dealing with buying a new car and the insurance on the other one, and celebrating my birthday) I'm going to make a HUGE list. I might even go ahead and fill out everyone's cards to get them ready to be mailed. I'm excited about my 2011 New Years Resolution.