Wednesday, June 1

Adoption Update

Jeremy and I haven't really discussed the adoption much recently. I think we were just taking an emotional break. We finally did the last thing that was needed to approve our home study. However, because we had waited so long, some of the other items expired. We now have to re do our fingerprints ($75 each) and local background checks. If I let myself, I could become very frustrated b/c this goes against my very organized, controlling personality. However, this process includes both my husband and I, so I must allot for his personality as well. Whew, and it is hard to do! 

Also, I've received some wonderful news about the adoption loan we applied for! At first they denied us, which was fine b/c God has blessed Jeremy and I above and beyond for this adoption. We just thought that instead of getting a loan, and making it easy to pay for the adoption, God wanted to use this process to teach us. Of course we would have given Him the glory as well. So when I spoke with the loan officer (who is also a Christian and is working/praying hard for us) and updated her on our financial situation, she resubmitted the paperwork.  Also, b/c of God's goodness, we were able to decrease the amount we were asking for by $5,000! She seems to think that we will be approved now. So not only is there a possibility that we will get the loan that we may/may not need, we also don't need to borrow as much! Isn't God good! 

Stepping away from the process was really nice. I wasn't thinking about it 24/7, getting upset every time someone asked me about it or every time I saw a young girl with three kids, stressing over so many things, etc. During that time, I really focused on spending time with God. I still am not spending as much quality time with Him as I'd like, but I'm better than I was last month.

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