Wednesday, January 11

God works in mysterious ways!

So, I shared how Jeremy and I moved back to GA and how we ended up not having jobs like we thought. One of the many things I did in my job search was sign on with a local staffing agency. They didn't call with anything until after Christmas, and even then it was a two day temp job. I really was relying on myself to find a job when they called me. The lady explained that it was an office/clerical/ management  job with a company located in the small town my grandparents and mom lived in, which is right next to my small town. Since it's so small, and we've been living there since my grandparents were born, I was curious as to the name, but when she responded, I was floored. As I was on the phone with her, I was sitting at my grandparents house. My papa built a house on the same land his parents owned. Next to him, his sister and her husband built a house and started a business. They do many things, but the main thing I know they do is build handlebars for Harley Davidson. I told the lady that I could walk to a window and see the business and that it was owned by family. She called them back and I was given the job! I started the next day, not really sure of the job specifics, just thankful for a paying full time job with benefits so we could get our home study for the adoption done. However, during the first day I realized that this job had been spiritually designed with me in mind. It's a very laid back, family oriented office that could really use an OCD overachiever like me. I'm very excited to see how it develops. I love how God works things out. If I could have designed my dream job, it would be something like I'm imagining this will turn out to be. One of the best parts, I get to go to my grandparents house for lunch each day, since they're right next door. Things sure have changed. When we were living in Florida, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably not be around my grandparents for their last years of life. Now, I get to see them daily! 

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  1. Shelly, that is sooo awesome!!! I'm soo happy for you!! God works in amazing ways :)