Tuesday, October 26

Chattanooga in the Fall

WOW! What an amazing weekend! I'm not going to say it was better than Amelia Island (my original plan) but it was almost perfect. Jeremy and I had perfect weather- sunny and warm during the day, then cool at night. Friday we went up to Signal Point, one of my favorite spots, and just enjoyed the view for awhile. We also were able to go to Oktober Fest at the Cricket Pavilion (yes, I know its changed) and enjoy locally grown organic produce. I bought a hand knit orange scarf that I LOVE and will go great with the $200 cream pea coat I've picked out that I'll continue to dream about.

Then of course Saturday night was spent at my sisters house with tons of friends watching Brock Lesnar get his butt kicked in the first round! I was so happy!

All in all, a very tiring trip, but a rewarding one.

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