Thursday, February 10

Health/New Years resolution update

Between getting ready for the home study and volunteering for a local charity, I have not been doing so well on my 'eating healthy and exercising diet'. When I weighed in last night at Fit for Christ, I had gained. I tried to convince myself it was the salt in the pizza I had eaten earlier that day. However, I knew that I had not been eating like I should or even exercising at ALL! Luckily, the bible studies I've been doing have been talking about praying for and actually expecting an answer about specific prayer requests. Mine is that I will become motivated to work out. Eating healthy really isn't a problem for me, but getting myself back into a gym IS!! This week, I remembered how much I missed running on the elliptical. Since I don't have one at home, I'm looking forward to using one at the gym! I'm also going to track my inches as I begin exercising, and see if I can't tone up some! This morning I did my first workout in over a week! It was actually a video I had bought years ago and didn't realize how much I enjoyed it!  

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