Thursday, October 13

Blessed Abundantly

What a busy few months we've had!

Jeremy and I are so loved! Our entire Sunday school class got together and helped us host a spaghetti lunch on September 18th. I, as usual, was so stressed. Would we run out of food, bread, sauce, etc? To help temper that, I asked my dad and sister to come down from Georgia to help out. Then, my uncle and aunt, and friends Bryan and Melanie also came. My sister described it perfectly when she commented on how many wonderful people we had who loved us enough to do all of that for us. We had the fellowship hall broken down and tables set up after Sunday school in no time flat. We enjoyed 'fellowshiping' (southern baptist word) with everyone while the sauce was bubbling on the stove and the bread was being baked.

Jeremy and I didn't really have any goal in mind as to how much we were hoping to raise. I think I was more focused on being worried about running out of food, or something not going right. So when my sister, who is a math guru, counted the money, I was BLOWN AWAY. We had raised $946! I didn't even know how to begin to say thank you- to God, to everyone who helped out, and to our wonderful church family. So many people stopped by after church just to donate towards our cause. I was overwhelmed at the love!

Then, right after that, Jeremy and I  started picking up yard sale donations. People far and wide donated items. I even had a lady who saw our yard sale listing on Craigslist come the night before and bring items for us to sell. We worked hard pricing all the items, and I had to live upstairs all week b/c of the yard sale 'mess' downstairs. But it was all worth it. Saturday, the people started arriving at 5am (yes- it was intense) and didn't stop until 1230pm. We sold almost all of the items and raised $850!! Once again, we had not thought about a particular goal, but we were so overwhelmed by God's provision!

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  1. Hi Shelly and Jeremy! It's Lauren from Bethany's Q&A a few weeks ago. Love your new blog and website! I'm so glad your fundraising is going so well! You truly are abundantly blessed to have such friends and family helping you! Praise God!