Saturday, November 19

Life Changes

Life has changed so much. Jeremy and I have moved 'home' to Georgia and now live around the corner from one of my sisters. Neither of us have a job, but we are trusting God. How did this all come about?

About a month ago, Jeremy and I received a call from our adoption agency about a baby who had been born two days prior. We needed to give them an answer 'within the hour'. Three emotionally draining hours later, we called and told them no. I think both of our hearts broke a little that day and I know that as one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. It's hard to even explain to those who have never been through something like that how devastating it was. 
As a result, Jeremy and I hit our knees before God and prayed diligently. We realized our life needed to change if adoption was what we really wanted to do. 

I've never had God pave a path so clearly as He did for Jeremy and I that next week. Within days, we had a place to live and possible jobs back home in Georgia and God confirmed His will for us through a sermon our pastor preached just three days after the big adoption decision. Now, even though neither of the jobs panned out for us, I look back and realize God knew we needed that bit of security in order to step out on faith and move. 

So here we are. We will hopefully hear next week from our new adoption agency office about starting a new home study, and then we can start the long process of waiting again. God is so amazing. 

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