Wednesday, August 25


Recently due to the death of another member of my church (who was also a dear friend) my desire to grow closer to God has been bigger than ever. I know we are never "where we need to be" in our relationship with God, but I have been a lot closer to Him than I am now. In college I was surrounded by great Christian friends and heard awesome sermons often so it was easier to remain 'grounded in the word'. I'm challenging myself to 21 days (somewhere I heard that it takes 21 days to make something a habit) straight of doing a devotional (an act of prayer or private worship according to
Today I finally received my new bible study in the mail, "A Woman's Guide to True Contentment" by Rhonda Kelley. Also, tomorrow night is the first night of "Lord Change My Attitude"- a bible study that I am hosting at my house. Between these two, hopefully I can learn what God is trying to teach me.

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