Monday, August 30

Family Pets

Really funny story:

This weekend I made a quick trip home to Georgia to visit family. My mom, her parents, her brother and his family, and her sister and her family all live on 30 acres that my Papa had owned.

My aunt's family has a HUGE yellow lab (Rusty), a sweet mutt (Beau), and a sweet lap dog (Molly). My grandparents own an old black and white collie (Buddy). My mom owns a very protective lap dog (Munsch), a adorable black lab (Bogie) and a sweet kitty (Josie). Most Sundays my grandmother cooks lunch and all the animals descend upon her house. Only the small dogs are allowed into the house, while the big dogs stay outside and play. (The cat stays at my moms obviously.) Everyone gets along well.

In the afternoons when my Papa takes his afternoon walk around the properties, he has a 'train' of dogs following behind him. When he walks by my mom's house, Papa says Josie launches herself at the door wanting to get a piece of Rusty. Also, if he ever has to go inside for anything, Rusty just stands at the door torturing Josie. My mom said one time Josie did the same thing, but this time the screen door wasn't latched and she ended up going through it. It scared poor Rusty so bad he fell down the porch steps. Josie, who has never been outside, freaked out and ran back inside.

So Sunday, my mom's parents along with my mom's sister and her family (husband and two sons) came over to eat lunch with Mom and I. Since they all live 'through the woods' their dogs came with them. Rusty, Beau, Buddy, and Bogie stayed outside while Molly came in to hang out with Munsch. Now, Molly and Josie have had a delicate relationship ever since Josie drew blood on Molly's nose (not sure of the story there). While we were sitting around the table on the screened-in porch, we heard Molly yelp and Josie hiss. Seems like their tenuous relationship had finally came to a head. Molly came rushing onto the porch with her tail tucked between her legs while Josie ran to hide. We all had a good laugh.

After lunch, I was loading my car getting ready to head back to Florida. Poor Rusty wanted to come inside so bad. He had spent the entire lunch standing and watching through the front porch window. I thought it would be fine to let him and Beau come in for a second. (I had forgotten my Papa's comment at the table earlier about Rusty and Josie.) So I opened the door and Rusty walks on in. I was still holding the door for Beau who was cautiously deciding if he wanted to come in or not. I noticed Rusty had headed straight for Josie, who was standing in the hallway. Josie had 'bowed up' and was hissing. Poor Rusty was just curious. At first he took a cautious step back, but then it was as if he wanted to get a closer look. As soon as he stepped toward a hissing Josie, Munsch came FLYING out of the kitchen barking with teeth bared. He attacked Rusty (who is more than 10 times his size) in defense of Josie. Well, Molly wasn't going to let Munsch beat up on her big brother Rusty so she came running in from the other side of the kitchen to attack Munsch. So we had Rusty, who was just curious about the cat, being attacked by a yapping lap dog who was being attacked by another lap dog. The cat just turned around and walked into my mom's bedroom. After we got everyone calmed down, (none of the animals were serious), got Rusty and Beau back outside, and made sure no one was hurt, my family and I couldn't stop laughing! They had acted just like a bunch of siblings who can beat up on each other, but no one else is allowed to! It was so cute that Munsch had come flying to Josie's defense- a cat he normally tortures no less. And then Molly (lil lap dog remember) defending the biggest dog in the family. That's a memory that will be talked about for years to come.

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