Saturday, September 25

Contentment vs Resignation

I wanted to share this while my emotions were still fresh. I had finally reserved a vacation for Jeremy and I towards the end of October. I was already feeling guilty for putting it on the credit card, b/c that goes against all my financial ways of thinking. However, I felt it was something we needed and would be able to pay it off quickly.

I was so excited, telling everyone about the awesome place we were going. Then, I get the phone call from the mechanic this morning. Our main car, the Civic, is in need of some necessary expensive repairs. I can not in good conscience, put both the car repairs and my vacation on the credit card. I know I wouldn't be able to pay both of them off quickly. One was bad enough in my opinion.

So, after a few moments of self pity, (and a phone call to my dad to make sure the repairs really were necessary), I told the mechanic to go ahead. Now, I must cancel this vacation that I was so looking forward to. Why is a good question to ask, but I'll never get the answer. Also, its a pointless question to ask b/c God's will is what it is. You never question it.

This past Thursday, our Bible Study was on contentment. One of the phrases that gave me pause was, "Too often in our attempt to balance our cravings with a sincere desire for godliness, contentment is our canned answer. Written between the lines we communicate, 'Stop complaining, stifle you craving, just resign yourself to dissatisfaction.' Not true! When God says, 'Be content,' He means so much more. He whispers to those with willing hearts, 'I am enough. Find your satisfaction in me.'" So according to this, I am not supposed to just resign myself to cancelling the vacation, I am to turn to God and let Him help me really be ok with it. This will be a challenge.

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