Thursday, September 30

Granny Jones

My sister LeighAnn and my Granny Jones
During a recent visit home, it hit me how old and feeble my grandparents had become. It broke my heart b/c I now live 5 hours away from them whereas growing up they were only 5-10 minutes away. I was very close to my mother's parents as a child and became close to my dad's mom after I began to drive. I miss them. When I go home now, I feel like I never have enough time to spend quality time with them.

I was doing my devotions this morning and praying for them, asking God to keep them healthy and alive for many years to come- maybe long enough for me to move home to be close to them again.

My sister called me. My dad's mom had fallen this morning and is on her way to the ER. My grandmother is a TOUGH COOKIE! She's 83 years old and still drives all over, visiting her sisters. She works in her yard and garden. It was hard for me to 'really see her' the last time I went home. Now, my heart is heavy, knowing she's in pain. I wish I could drive up there to be with her at the hospital.

One of the hard realities that God asked me to face when He moved me 5 hours from my family was releasing them to Him. This is one of those times. She's in God's hands. I can't be by her side and will her to be better. I'll have to pray from here.

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