Saturday, December 4

Clothing trends and my body image

All my life I have had about the same style in clothing- classy. If I could choose between a plain white or a trendy shirt, I always chose the white one. My sister has always been better at trendy clothes than me. Last winter she wore skinny jeans in boots. It was so cute and I really wanted to try it. However, my own hang ups got in the way.

I didn't really get into that look b/c I've always hated how skinny my legs are though I've gotten better over the years. I used to go all summer wearing turned down socks to hide how skinny my ankles were, but I no longer do that. I still get self conscious occasionally, especially if someone who has mostly seen me in pants sees me in a bathing suit and says, "Man, you're really skinny". This isn't in a hot-skinny way but in a starvation- skinny way. (yes that happened) The same old pain jabs at my heart, but then I get over it. God has really helped me accept myself for the way I am and I am very thankful for that. My husband also helps tremendously by always making me feel like a model. Everyone deserves someone like him!
So, back to skinny jeans and boots. Jeremy and I went on our fall trip to Chattanooga and everywhere I looked girls were wearing cute dresses with cow girl boots. IT WAS SO CUTE!! I knew I'd never pull it off. One b/c I don't wear short dresses except in the hottest part of the summer when my tan helps me get over my legs. and Two b/c my skinny chicken legs in cow girl boots would be so comical it would almost be sad. SO, I knew I couldn't pull off this really cute outfit, but I began to contemplate ways that I could adapt it for me. I've gotten really good at this- taking a look and adapting it to my skinny self. I began searching through consignment shops. (When I'm working on something like this, I don't go directly to the department stores first b/c I have to try a few things before I find something that works.) I found a really great pair of cowgirl boots that were high enough to make me feel comfortable. Of course they weren't my size, but I used them to try on a few things. I realized that skinny jeans in boots were a look I could actually pull off. (yes, I had to go through all of that in order to get over my hang up.) So the next day Jeremy and I went shopping! I found a cheap pair of skinny jeans (so I could try it and not feel guilty if I hated it) and some great boots! I really wouldn't have went through with it if Jeremy hadn't liked it as much as he did. Like I said earlier, he helps me have confidence in myself. I have worn this look out several times since then, and once even without the boots to cover my skinny ankles, and it's a success! I LOVE IT!! I feel so cute!

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