Thursday, December 16


I love to plan-- just in case you hadn't figured that out by now. One of the things about this adoption that I was most excited about was decorating the nursery. I occasionally would search online and post ideas on Facebook. However, I kept holding back, thinking that I needed to wait until I had a little one promised to me. Not knowing how long that would take made me feel discouraged. However, I've talked to several other moms who adopted, and they feel the same way I do. Most new parents get 10 full months to plan for their child's arrival- so what's wrong with me starting to plan for mine. 
Now that Jeremy and I have turned in the home study paperwork, that we are in a better position financially, and  that we are 150% sure this is God's chosen plan for us, I decided to get serious about at least the furniture for the nursery. I mentioned to one of my friends about wanting white furniture, and she said I could borrow her changing table, which is white. So, changing table- CHECK. Next, I started looking on Craig's List (which is my fav) for white cribs. Little did I know that I would come across.... the nursery theme! This is what I was most excited about picking out (kind of like your dress for your wedding) and hadn't really gotten serious about it yet, but when I saw it yesterday- I knew it was 'the one'! 

This is called My Baby Sam. The colors are brown and green and the pattern is paisley. Three of the things I wanted- all in one. It's also not completely muted/pastel colors, which is something else I wanted. Now I can tie in some bolder colors, which babies love! And even better- I may be able to get it off Craig's List for $35!! I'm SUPER excited! I really hope when I share it with people, they will be too instead of, oh isn't it too early??? Also, I'm going to have to ignore Jeremy's reaction. He is NOT a planner/decison maker until WAYYYYY late. It's been hard to learn over the years that he just doesn't get as into details as early as I do. 

I also read a great blog on Crib bumpers vs. breathable baby bumpers. I figure I will leave the pretty colorful bumper up until my little one needs to sleep in the crib. I've posted a picture of a breathable  bumper below. I couldn't find the blog I read about it in.


  1. My best friend has that exact same pattern. Her SIL found a diaper bag made out of the same material and it is SUPER CUTE (and nice). I'll ask her the brand. This was 3 years ago, so I'm not sure if they still make it, but will let you know. I know my friend, replaced the ties on the bumper with stronger ones (i think the other ones were a little weak).

    I did the same thing with crib bumpers. Well, actually used a bumper--he wasn't one to stick his head in it...Left the pretty one in there until he started climbing, which happened WAY too early for my taste (at 5 months) and then used the breathable one.

  2. I'm a planner too, so I totally understand! The bedding is way cute! I love it! Still praying for you guys!