Wednesday, March 30

My First Air Show!

One of the benefits of living near an air force base is all the men in uniform, being able to go to air shows. Growing up I had heard of them, but had never been to one. Jeremy and I have lived here for three years now and it always seemed like something came up each time the Thunderbirds came to town. So, this year, my dad was coming into town and when I suggested we go to the air show, he was also interested! Dad told me to make sure I did my research so we'd know what to expect. Well, obviously I didn't do enough. The morning of, we both put on sunscreen, knowing we were going to be out in the open for several hours. Dad asked about taking in coolers, and I informed him that according to the lovely Gulf Defender, we weren't allowed. Then he asked about chairs, and I told him there would be bleachers. When we arrived at the air show location (after walking several miles it seemed like) we saw cooler after cooler and one set of bleachers for hundreds of people. BUT we didn't let this deter us. We set off to explore all of the planes that were on display. It was so much fun b/c Dad and I both were equally enjoying it. As it grew closer to time for the Thunderbirds to take off, we even were able to find seats in the middle bleachers! All in all, Dad and I had a GREAT day together! 

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