Monday, March 14

SPRINGTIME in Panama City

Over the last three years, I've come to love Spring in Panama City. 
Spring means the blossoming of many flowers and flowering trees. Here's a few of my local favorites. 

Spring also means the Azalea Trail! I don't know how I grew up in the south without ever hearing of this b/c you know I would have put on one of those big fancy dresses and hats and been the belle of the trail! 

Most azaleas in Panama City are this purplish pink color. Its pretty, but I liked the variety of the azaleas I grew up with. 

Spring means Chole gets to meow at lizards through the glass door. I keep promising one day I'll get Jeremy to catch one and bring it inside for her to play with. 


Spring also means getting together with friends to grill some great food! Saturday afternoon, my husband (awesome) grilled BBQ chicken with his own BBQ sauce (amazing) and some potatoes with onions and olive oil (even more amazing).    

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