Wednesday, March 30

New Purchases!

Jeremy and I, ok mainly I, have been wanting a new sofa now for years! I did a lot of research and decided that the best sofa for our family, involving two cats and future children, would be a dark brown leather sofa. Then, more research helped me understand the differences between top grain 100% leather and Durablend. Obviously, the research supported top grain leather. I came up with several options that were within my price range and still good quality. Any way, Jeremy, Mr. Let's Wait, didn't want me to get the sofa. For years I nagged politely kept asking, but he would always come up with a different excuse to either not get it or to wait (the story of the rest of my life I'm learning). I was finally able to convince him last week, and before he could change his mind, I ran out and bought the dern thing! 

Then, during our discussion on buying the sofa, I mentioned that we really needed a larger dining room table. Jeremy couldn't argue with this one b/c whenever we have people over for dinner (and that's quite often) someone either has to stand or we're all scrunched  in together. As I was buying our sofa, I saw this table that fit my requirements almost perfectly and Jeremy agreed. So, we also bought a new dining room table that can seat up to 8 people!

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