Wednesday, January 26


I didn't do so well on my 'diet' Sunday and Monday, but yesterday I made up for it. I ate two detox meals and did another great workout. I am really excited about becoming self motivated and exercising in my own home. I've never been able to make myself do that and therefore had to pay for a gym membership. This way, its so much more convenient (and cheap).
I've also been really surprised that these meals I've been eating have been filling me up for as long as they have been. Due to my high metabolism, I've always had problems staying full. Even though the smoothies Jeremy's been making me are made out of yogurt instead of silken Tofu, I usually stay full until right before lunch. Then, last night I ate a spinach, almond, and boiled egg salad and I was barely hungry when I went to bed hours later.
This morning I measured my hips, waist, and chest. I'm going to measure myself each morning for a week to make sure I have the correct measurements and then I'll do some research on what kind of a goal I need to set. It would be so much easier if I could use weight, but I'd actually like to gain some weight- but the correct way.

Monday morning when I got to work I had an email from our adoption social worker asking about scheduling the first meeting of our home study. I was so excited b/c I had just spent time in prayer that morning about not hearing anything from our agency. Also, Monday evening Jeremy and I went to Domestic Infant Adoption 'training'. It was very informative! I'm not sure if I'm getting more excited or more anxious. In the meeting we discussed fears, and I realized how fearful I am of an expectant mother changing her mind. I'm going to have to spend many hours in prayer, building my faith in God's plan. It just keeps getting more real. Most days I can't wait to be a mom and some days I am really content with my life the way it is. I just rely on all my friends who have kids that tell me its all worth it.

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