Tuesday, January 4

2011 New Years Resolution

I've been pondering what I would like for my New Years Resolution. I've made one the past several years and have become quite serious at keeping them. This year, nothing really stood out in my mind other than the obvious (go to gym, do daily time with God, etc). Then, this morning as I'm laying in bed, I kept getting facebook notifications of people telling me Happy Birthday. This was never a big deal for me when I lived at home because my family, especially my mom, made such a big deal about my special day. However, now that I live 5 hours away, these notifications help fill that void. 
So, as I was laying there, thanking God for all my wonderful friends, I decided my New Years resolution would be to mail out cards and call my family and close friends on their birthday. This is a big step for me because 1- I'm horrible at remembering and 2- even though everyone else in my family does this already, I usually don't even call my grandmother on her birthday. (horrible I know) So, as soon as things slow down (catching up from the holiday, dealing with buying a new car and the insurance on the other one, and celebrating my birthday) I'm going to make a HUGE list. I might even go ahead and fill out everyone's cards to get them ready to be mailed. I'm excited about my 2011 New Years Resolution. 

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