Saturday, January 22


My friend Bethany and I started a Fit for Christ class on Wednesday nights at her church. I really wanted to get involved in something that would help me become motivated to workout again. Ever since I started taking my Zoloft, I'm worried that I'll gain weight around my stomach area. (I read online that this was a possible side affect.) Now, all my jeans are getting tighter and I have a 'muffin top'. I am so embarrassed about this and really hope to fix it. I would love to gain weight, but it needs to be the correct way- by eating healthy and exercising. 

So, I went Wednesday night with Bethany. The class suggested The GI Diet as the book to use, but Bethany wasn't crazy about it. Since I'm doing this more for motivation, I told her to pick out a different one and we would adapt it to fit us. She researched and chose Cinch! by Cynthia Sass who is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. I'm also going to be incorporating Skinny Bitch! by Rory and Kim.

I'm not really sure yet what my 'goal' is. I don't have a goal weight, so I'm thinking maybe inches on my waist in relation to my chest and hips. I'll work on getting a base line and then try to figure out what would be a healthy goal. For now, I have no idea.

Starting Thursday, I started writing down everything I ate and marking off how many glasses of water I drank a day. I always thought I did pretty good at that, but I was only drinking half of what I needed to be. Whew! I feel like I'm floating! I also did a short workout on the Wii Fit Thursday night. After going regularly to an aerobics class at a gym, the Wii Fit is a joke, but it was better than nothing. This morning I was able to find a great workout video online. It was only 20 minutes of yoga focusing on my thighs and hips. There were several other options, so I'm very excited about discovering this.

CINCH! starts off with a five day detox, eating only five foods- spinach, eggs, yogurt, raspberries, and almonds. I've always wanted to try a detox, but I know that there's no way I'd last a day eating only those foods. Plus, since I'm doing this more to be healthier than to lose weight, I figured I could just incorporate alot of these foods into my diet over the next five days and see what happens.
This morning I attempted to make a smoothie out of yogurt, honey, and fresh squeezed pomegranate juice. I didn't have any fruit- fresh or frozen- so I used what I had. It wasn't bad, but it needed the fruit. I'm going to the grocery store today, so that will help.

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